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Welcome to our Kitchen!

Where the tea is hot, the scones are baking and the jam is already on the table

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found my life revolving around the kitchen.  It’s a warm gathering space full of delicious scents and the people we love.  If you are on the hunt for great food that can add flavour to your meals and a dash of love to your life, welcome to Myrtle’s Kitchen.

We currently have a range of jams, marmalades and chutneys with distinct flavours that will have your taste buds dancing.  Plus, we have big dreams to expand to serve you even more options from Myrtle’s Kitchen that will help all of you food lovers experiment in your own kitchen.  If you have a deep appreciation for good food, rich flavours, and the meaningful moments that come when you share food with others, you are in the right place, my friend!

More About Us

My passion for food began long before Myrtle’s Kitchen was born in 2014…

Hello there, I’m Jane, the founder of Myrtle’s Kitchen.  Growing up, I was surrounded by inspiring women and at the age of 6 my Auntie Betty taught me how to segment an orange and that was it, I was hooked.   My darling mother frankly did not inspire me with her cooking, but she allowed me to be me and follow my passion for food, flavours and cooking.  From the preparation of highly elaborate salads, to allowing me to use her housekeeping to fund cake sales at our local W.I market.  Working with food has always been my destiny.

You may be wondering if my mother’s name was Myrtle, and the answer is no.  The other passion in my life was for my wonderful black Labrador – Myrtle – my loyal friend and confidante as she sat beside me in my garden and my friends and I cooked up the idea for Myrtle’s Kitchen over a delicious meal.

Beyond grateful for the recognition Myrtle’s Kitchen has received as we’ve grown…

Our products are currently featured in High End Food Halls and Delicatessen and we’re humbled by the awards we’ve received:

  • Selected as an artisan producer for Liberty, London (my favourite store in the world!)
  • Great Taste Award recipient
  • Bursary Awards recipient from BBC GoodFood and Country Living Magazine
  • 2018 Herefordshire Food Producer of the Year
  • Gold and silver medals from the National Marmalade Awards

I have immense pride in the Myrtle’s Kitchen brand and am grateful for the wonderful people  who’ve been part of my journey: my mum, aunties, grandmother and Myrtle herself.

Our mission at Myrtle’s Kitchen is to empower people to experiment with unique flavours, to expand their palettes and enrich their lives…And, our core values drive everything we do:



  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believes in sourcing locally produced when ever possible and ethically sourced products without comprising flavour
  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believes in giving customers the experience of GREAT FLAVOUR
  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believes that we are all entitled to eat great food.
  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believes in sustainability and importance of caring for our beautiful earth and not taking it for granted.
  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believes that we all deserve respect and we encourage the passing and sharing of “Food Cultures” to create a universal meal to share in harmony.
  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believes food is all powerful. It can be fun, inspire, create memories and emotions, whilst keeping us healthy and well.
  • Myrtle’s Kitchen believe in sharing our success.