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Recipes & News Updates


When the son’s away …..

This week I was “home alone” and obviously this can only mean one thing, I eat absolute everything that I love and that George (my son) hates!

I love lamb and had in my freezer 4 organic small lamb chops. Perfect. My mint patch is going ballistic, I had just made a batch of chicken stock, the stars were definitely aligning.

Afterwards I posted photos’ of the dish created from these ingredients, on Instagram and all seemed quite impressed, so here is the recipe as requested.

Anther of my key ingredient is a seasonal one, Sea Purslane. I sourced mine via Riverford. I love it because It’s a salty tender leaf. If you haven’t got access to any, perhaps substitute with samphire or parsley and chopped capers?

Sea Purslane Sauce with Lamb Chops and Mint Oil.

Serves 2


Mint Oil

2 x generous handfuls of mint. Washed, stalks removed and finely chopped.

Olive Oil

1-2 Teaspoon of Willy’s Apple Cider vinegar

Ground Black Pepper

Myrtle’s Lemon Myrtle Mint seasoning.

For the Sauce

300ml chicken stock

100ml double cream

Ground black pepper

Lemon Myrtle Mint seasoning

Sea purslane leaves – removed from the stalks.

4 lamb chops


Firstly, start by making the mint oil. Place the mint leaves in a food processor or blender with a glug of olive oil. Give a quick wiz to break down the mint and then add more oil until you are happy with the consistency. Fluid but with texture. Now add some black pepper and 1-2 teaspoons of the cider vinegar. Taste until you are happy with the acidity level. Season with ground black pepper and our mint & lemon myrtle seasoning, Add sea salt if you have none. Set to one side.

Heat a glug of olive oil in a deep frying pan on a hob. Take the lamb chops and stand them on their edges in the hot pan – the idea of this is to render off the excess fat and to make the the remaining fat lovely and crispy. They may flop over, so you need some patience. When you are happy with them give the main part of each chop a flash fry on each side, remove from the pan and place on a baking sheet.

Remove the excess rendered fat from the pan – you do not need this, but leave any meat juices.

Add the chicken stock to any meat juices and bring to the boil, reduce down by a third to a half. Now add the cream and bring back to the boil stirring, season with black pepper and the myrtles mint salt.

Meanwhile pop the lamb chops under a pre heated grill to finish cooking – depending upon the size of the chops, this should not take long at all – allow about 5 minutes. Set aside to rest.

When you are ready to serve, pop the sea purslane leaves into the cream sauce and allow them to wilt, which will take a minute.

Finally, place the chops onto a serving platter. Pour over the sauce, then drizzle on the mint oil . Serve with additional oil in a jug on the side and garnish with spare sea purslane leaves.

I served mine with creamy mash and garden peas.

Tap the link to buy your Lemon Myrtle Seasoning

Mint & Lemon Myrtle


Salted Caramel and Thyme Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream

Obviously it isn’t summer without the occasional ice cream. Actually, now I think about it, it hasn’t been summer yet, but the weather forecast is good and I am getting one step ahead!

One of our best selling lemon myrtle seasonings, is where we have hand blended the myrtle with Droitwich Brine Salt and dried thyme. It is also a Great Taste winner! We think it is one of our most versatile seasonings. We love it in this salted caramel sauce.

Desperate measures – one day I had run out of thyme and substituted with our mint blend! It was equally as delicious but not such an attractive colour. Perfect when over ice cream though! Obviously, we loved the minty hit.

Lemon Myrtle News Flash

On to a bit of rubbish news. We will have to put on our thinking cap, once again. My supplier of lemon myrtle has stopped sourcing it and after much searching I have paid an arm and a leg for two kilo’s to carry me on. I know, it is definitely not going to last long but at nearly £90.00 a kilo and add to that the carriage – YIKES! It may be that there is someone out there that I am yet to find, but please be aware that we may have to make a tough decision with this product, so i recommend grabbing your supply now! I am yet to alter the price although I paying a much higher rate for ingredients We love to rise to a challenge at Myrtles!


Salted Caramel Sauce

125g Unsalted butter

150g Light muscovado sugar

142ml Double cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon Myrtle’s Seasoning with Thyme

Melt the butter in a small saucepan.  Whisk in the browned sugar until combined.

Simmer for 4-6 minutes whisking occasionally until your sauce becomes a dark amber colour.

Remove from the heat and add the cream , vanilla and Myrtle Seasoning.

Serve hot or cold.

If reheating, do so gradually in a low heat and do not allow to boil.

So good! Please let me know if you try it. I don’t think that you will be disappointed. The ice cream used for this photograph is from Berry’s, Herefordshire. Their link is below and you can buy this seasoning and the browse the other 5 options on our website. Hit the link above for more information.

Jane x


Summer Lentil Salad with Burrata

A delicious salad to serve at summer parties

Burrata is one of my favourite cheeses to serve up, especially during the summer! I’ve been waiting patiently for our British Summer to arrive, and I’ve given up. I’ve found consolation in one of my favourite salads!

If (shock horror) you are not a fan of Burrata, you could use this salad despite, your dislike for fabulous Burrata. As an alternative, and would rather, surround a platter of cured meats with the salad. it works well with smoked meats, like chicken and duck! Another option is to, serve on smaller dinner plates and offer alternatives? Though, that does mean more washing up!

I’ve used the Myrtle’s Oregano seasoning, but I do use the thyme as an alternative.

I really hope you enjoy this salad. Fingers crossed the sunshine will arrive and we can dig out the garden furniture. It has always been an unquestionable hit in my home.

Summer Lentil Salad with Burrata Recipe


Serves 4 -6

1 x large punnet of cherry tomatoes – halved.  (Various colour look lovely)

½ x cucumber – cut into fine pieces

2 x stalks celery – top and tail and finely sliced

1 x Avocado – Peeled, stone removed cut into small chunks

1 x bunch of spring onions, top, tail and remove outer skin if papery, finely sliced on diagonal

4 x tablespoons pomegranate seeds.  (Reserve 1 of the tablespoons for garnish)

250g Cooked green lentils.

50 g Pinenuts – set aside 10 g for garnish

1 large handful of chopped fresh mint

Freshly ground black pepper

Lemon Myrtle, Droitwich Brine Salt and Oregano seasoning.  (Substitute with the thyme blend if preferred)

1 x handful shredded basil leaves for garnish



2 teaspoons cumin seed

2 teaspoons chilli flakes

1 x teaspoon sumac

1 x large juicy lemon, grated rind and juiced

Olive oil


Start by making your dressing, allowing time for it to cool.

Start with a small frying pan, gently toast the cumin seeds and chilli on a low/medium heat for two minutes or until the aroma starts to release.  Add the sumac and 100ml olive oil to the seeds, bring to a gentle simmer and remove from the heat.  Set to one side and allow to infuse. 

Start on the salad.  Add to a large bowl together the tomato, cucumber, celery, avocado, onions, pomegranate, lentils, pine nuts, mint and pepper.  In addition add 2 large pinches of the lemon myrtle seasoning.

Transfer the infused oil into a separate bowl.  Add the lemon juice and peel, a pinch of sugar,  add another 100ml olive oil, mix together.  Keep 2 tablespoons to drizzle over the top of the salad and allow to infuse. 

Start on the salad.  Add to a large bowl tomato, cucumber, celery, avocado, onions, pomegranate, lentils, pine nuts, mint and pepper.  2 large pinches of the lemon myrtle seasoning.

Transfer the infused oil into another bowl.  Now add the lemon juice and peel, a pinch of sugar,  add another 100ml olive oil, mix together.    Season.  Test to check you are happy with the balance.  Keep 2 tablespoons to drizzle over the top of the salad and stir the remaining into the bowl of salad ingredients.

Combine using a large spoon.

On your serving platter, form a nest of salad leaves in the centre. Split the burrata and place in the centre of the nest. Next, spoon the salad around the nest of leaves.

Finally, top with the pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and thirdly the torn basil. 

Finally drizzle the remaining oil over the cheese and leaves and serve delicious, fresh crusty bread.


The tablecloth is actually a runner and you can purchase from “Camperdown Lane”, Herefordshire. I’ve included the link below for you.

The “Delicious” platter is from Daylesford in the Cotswolds, but is available to purchase by mail order. Once again, the link is below.

Finally – I should quickly add these are not sponsored links. They are items that I fell in love with and I think you may to. Daylesford especially is worth a parous They have brilliant and inspirational ideas for table settings.


Creating Great Meals with Leftovers!

Struggling with mountains of left over turkey?

Do I hear you shout “Not the Coronation Chicken recipe again Jane!”?

Well Baa Humbug, just because it is my absolute favourite for Christmas leftovers! But I will not bore you again. You can easily scan back and find the recipe in my blog or on social media.

I know, that for a lot of you, it is a staple, no matter what the time of year!

Here is a recipe that i created for “The 12 Menus of Christmas”, the first book that Lisa and I wrote under are pseudonym “Foodies Across the Pond”, which has just been put “On Sale”! I think that it is a winner!

Of course, it is a take on Coronation Chicken, and of course, it contains mango chutney, but I happen to think that it is quite delicious. (A case of blowing my own trumpet!)

Turkey Coronation Pie

I am an “ardent” chutney maker and a bit of a mango chutney snob, therefore I have to recommend using a great quality mango chutney in this pie, offering what’s left in the jar on the side.

Serves 6


500g / 1 lb block shortcrust pastry

About 500g / I lb of cooked leftover turkey

1 onion, finely diced

2 cloves garlic finely chopped

2 tablespoons of your favourite curry powder

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch nutmeg

Pinch ground coriander

25g / 1 oz ground almonds

50g / 2oz dried apricots

3 tablespoons of good quality mango chutney

300ml double cream

1 tablespoon fresh coriander chopped

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 egg


Heat the oil in a large pan. Fry the onion for about 5 minutes until softened.  Add the garlic and all the dry spices and cook for a few minutes.

Add the apricots, almonds, chutney, cream & left over turkey.  When it is bubbling and remove from the heat and cool.  Stir through the chopped coriander & season.

Pour into a pie dish.

Preheat the oven to 200 ‘c / 400’f / Gas mark 6.

Roll out the pastry and cut a circle that will cover the pie dish.  Beat the egg and brush a layer around the edge of the pie dish. 

Lay the pastry disk over the filling mix in the casserole dish. Cut away any excess pastry and crimp the edges so that they look attractive.  Decorate with cut out pieces of pastry, cut a vent in the centre to enable steam to escape and glaze the whole surface with egg. 

Cook in the oven for 30 minutes until golden.

If you have lots of vegetables left over from Christmas day these can be added as well, but maybe hold back on the sprouts?

If you have time, add an extra strip of pastry to the edge of your pie dish and press down. Apply egg and then add the lid. Press firmly down and crimp. This should help with shrinkage of the pastry. And who doesn’t like more pastry?

Apologies, I believe that Christmas orders wiped us out of our Myrtle’s Mango Chutney. It will be back in the New Year. If you were lucky enough to nab a jar, I hope that you loved it.

If you try it, let me know what you think. Did you tweak the recipe? Please send me a photo!

Jane xx


Edible Gifts for Christmas

I am sure that preparations are in full swing for you. Getting ready for Christmas Day!

Of course, I am still embroiled in markets and fairs, but stock is now running out and our final market will be Malvern Farmers Market (16.12.23) . Then, I can go in search of the Christmas decs’!

By the way … Final date for orders online 15.12.23

I have made some effort, honestly. I already made some edible Christmas Gifts for friends and family. Find my recipe for Mulled Wine Syrup on the Foodies Across the Pond newsletter, via Substack.


The recipe below, is also one of my favourite recipes: “Roasted Garlic in Olive Oil” and it is so simple!

I included it in the Foodies Across the Pond “12 Menus of Christmas” book. For those without a copy – Merry Christmas and here is the recipe, but if you would like to buy a copy of the book, find it in our website shop.https://www.myrtleskitchen.co.uk/product-category/accessories/

This is the perfect gift for a food lover, particularly for a garlic lover!

Roasted Garlic in Olive Oil

6 – 8 heads of garlic 

Approximately 300ml good quality olive oil (I always use Rustic Puglia Olive Oil!)

1 x tablespoon of additional oil for roasting

Dried bay leaves

Sprigs of rosemary

Presentation jars that are attractive for gifting.

  1. First sterilise your jars and lids.
  2. Preheat your oven to 180’c / 350’f / Gas mark 4
  3. Wash the rosemary sprigs and allow to dry completely.
  4. Remove the papery outer skins from the garlic bulbs and place on a baking tray with a tablespoon of oil.
  5. Roast for 15-20 minutes according to the size of the garlic bulbs.  Using a fine skewer, check that the bulb is cooked, lovely and soft, but not mushy.  Cook for a further few minutes if needed.
  6. Move to a board and allow to go cold.
  7. Using a really sharp knife or shears, carefully trim off the top 1cm and discard the trimmings.
  8. Tightly pack the garlic bulbs into your sterilised jar/jars along with a bay leaf and a sprig of the washed rosemary.   Cover then completely with olive oil.  Seal, label and decorate the jar.  The garlic will keep in a ‘fridge for about 3 months.

Suggestions for use:  delicious used for garlic bread, pizza bases, bruschetta …..   I love it with roast lamb or lamb steaks, or one in a chicken cavity Barbecued is delicious.  The oil that is left is amazing and can be used for so much.  I think it is a shame to heat it, I love it in vinaigrettes and dressings.

If you haven’t time – we still have masses of Christmas gift ideas in the shop on our website, but you will need to be quick as final orders this comingFriday!!

Jane xx


Getting Christmas Ready!

It has been such a busy year – so much happening, Christmas has caught me a little off guard! Because of this, we are not doing as many events for the remainder of this year.

Hoping that you find the following useful. Obviously if you are planning on catching us out on the road. Online is always available.

A schedule showing where you will find either George or Me – selling our wares!

Obviously, we will have lots of gift ideas for hampers and stocking fillers for foodies!

Myrtle’s Christmas Schedule

We will have (tongue in cheek) our world famous Gourmet Sausage Rolls, at both Farmers Markets at Malvern. Please pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Of course, as soon as I posted our events on social media, I received a message: “Will you have the Raven Sparking Wine at these events?” I was a bit slow on the uptake there!

Raven English Sparkling Wine

For those that don’t know, my husband and I, (years ago) created a small vineyard at the bottom of our garden and this fabulous sparkline wine – is the result. Sadly we have moved from our family home following his passing, so we only have one more batch being made for us. The wine that I will have to sell to you, is the 2018 vintage.

Our final harvest (2022)

We have very little wine left, so I am not sure if it will last until Christmas.

We currently plan to sell at all events other than Kington at the Borders Festive Fair, where you can buy the wine from the deli in Kington, “Number 25”.

p.s Very exciting news about the Kington Fair – but that is for later!

Myrtle’s Christmas Chutney

We are delighted that our Christmas Chutney is back!

Only available to buy directly from us this year. Again, stocks will be limited and we have never had a year when we haven’t sold out! It’s a popular one for sure! For those that don’t know, this is the Christmas Chutney that has been found in the hampers for the last few years, created by Liberty’s of London.


Above: the link to buy your Christmas Chutney.

Lemon Myrtle Seasonings

We are also excited about a new collaboration. We have teamed up with local potter, Inspire Pottery and have some wonderful gift packs that include a unique salt pot and paddle and one of our award winning (Great Taste) seasonings.

Thank you for your support over the last – almost ten years. Small Businesses, are really finding it tough at the moment, and your support is keeping us going!

Jane x


Autumn Puddings & Chuckleberry Jam

Myrtle’s Jam Roly-Poly Pudding

A delicious dessert, which i consider a bit of a comfort food for colder days!   In the UK we have a long history of puddings:   Clootie Dumpling, Spotted Dick, Trifle …. Roly Poly is one of my favourites. So much so that I included it in the first Foodies across the Pond Cookbook, The 12 Menus of Christmas.

Afterwards…a great film and cosy up! My idea of heaven. As a matter of fact, I have already watched “The Holiday”. Too early? So that’s how we do things in the Raven house.

Obviously, I use Myrtle’s chuckleberry jam. I love the tangy sharpness of this jam – it is my go to for everything and there is a reason why it received Great Taste Awards and was judged as a best new product when launched, at Ludlow Food Festival.

If chuckleberry is not your thing, I recommend using a great quality jam in this pudding, if you have time pop to your local artisan farmers market to pick some up. In fact it will make the world of difference to your pudding.

Best Selling Jars


150g / 5oz self raising flour (plus a little extra for dusting the work surface)

50g (2oz) caster sugar

75g (30z) vegetable suet

Grated zest of half an unwaxed lemon

75ml / 3 oz semi skimmed milk

50g / 2oz Chuckleberry jam

40g / 1 ½ oz toasted flaked almonds (optional) – I think they are particularly good and as long as there are no allergies, would go for it! I like the crunch.


Heat oven to 190’c / 375’f / Gas mark 5

Mix together the flour, sugar, suet & lemon zest in a bowl and then gradually incorporate the milk, bring together using a knife until the mix forms a soft dough.   If you have milk left, set to one side.

On a floured surface roll out your dough to a large rectangle shape (30 x 20cm).  Spread the jam to within 2cm of the edge of the rolled out dough.  Sprinkle over half of the almonds.

Brush the edges with some of the spare milk and roll up the dough from the short end (a little like a Swiss Roll).  Pinch the ends to help stop the jam escaping and then scatter with remaining almonds.

Butter a large piece of parchment, place on a baking sheet, carefully move your Roly onto the parchment seam side down and wrap tightly with the parchment.  Twist up the ends. 

Bake in the oven for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, if you are serving with custard, it is a great time to prepare it.

Stand for 5 minutes and then transfer to your serving dish.  Serve with home made custard.


Furthermore, an excellent thing about this dessert is that it can be made in advance & frozen.  Once wrapped, add an extra layer of foil and freeze.  It can be cooked from frozen for 1 hour 15mins).



We’ve won again – Great Taste Awards – 2023

This is a peculiar time of year for food producers as it is the start of the Award Season. The only awards that Myrtle’s enters is the Great Taste Awards, which award stars – if you are lucky! The process starts months beforehand, the procedure is rigorous and if the feedback is negative, it can be brutal.

I am very proud to be badged as a GREAT TASTE PRODUCER, because of winning during 3 rolling consecutive awards!

We entered 2 products this year, our Philpott’s Chilli Jam and our Lemon Myrtle and Thyme seasoning. Thrilled skinny to tell you that both won awards. Our Chilli Jam was awarded 2 stars and the feed back was way beyond anything that I could have hoped for and the Lemon Myrtle Seasoning also won a star!

These join our other winning team members, mango, mango hot, chuckleberry jam, orange whisky marmalade, Christmas Chutney and Rosemary and the dill seasonings. Quite a community of winners.

I’m really exciting to tell you that I am sharing the chilli jam recipe with you in the new book by Foodies Across the Pond. It is ready to pre-order now and we hope to receive our copies from the Printer (UK version) in September.

Thank you to everyone who ordered The Foodies Table during the offer period. You will receive an award winning pot of our Lemon Myrtle seasoning to say thank you, with your copy of our book, when dispatched. I cannot wait for you to see the book!

Thank you for all of your support during the last 9 years!

Jane x

The Foodies Table

New Foodies Book – and amazing give away!

“The Foodies Table” is at the Printers and there is a big incentive to pre – order your copy now.

The Foodies Table is the most recent cookbook that I have written with Lisa, my dear friend who is based in Seattle, USA. I am sure if you are keen follower of Myrtle’s you will know, that I am one half of Foodies Across the Pond. Together we have a Podcast called “Foodie Friends”. A weekly newsletter which we issue (usually) on a Friday from a platform called Substack.

The success of the newsletter, I find quite overwhelming. Thank you. Find the link on our Foodies Across the Pond page on this website or on instagram


The good news for Myrtle devotees, is that I have included in our new cookbook, a couple of Myrtle’s Kitchen recipes.

My Gourmet Sausage Roll recipe makes an appearance. Google “Best Sausage Roll made in Herefordshire” and we are right up there! Thank you professor Google! They are mighty fine sausage rolls and when they make an appearance at food festivals, they always fly out. Delicious.

Also included, is my Philpotts Chilli Jam” recipe. I have a vested interest in including this recipe as I cannot make this chilli jam quick enough for you.

This book is full of ideas for delicious, breakfast, lunch and supper ideas, and even something a little special for dinner parties. Cocktails for toasting friends and family and of course lots of personal snippets from us both.

Our book is available to pre – order, but can I make a suggestion? If you wish to pre-order before Sunday 23rd (midnight), and you hop on and subscribe to the Foodies Across the Pond Newsletter, you will be entered into a fab’ draw.


Subscribers for the free newsletter will be entered into a draw, when you pre order The Foodies Table. The prize is a fantastic hamper which includes ALL of our Lemon Myrtle Seasoning, some of our preserves, also bags, aprons and some addition ingredient which we love including Rustic Puglia Olive Oil..

For subscribers that pay for our newsletter, they will also have a separate opportunity to win a bottle of our Raven English Sparkling Wine and all will receive an e copy of our Christmas Cookbook.

I think that it is a pretty amazing give away!!! You have to have pre-ordered your book by Sunday 23rd July, midnight to be in with a chance of winning either prizes.

Worcester Warrior Pastry

Myrtle Kitchen Worcester Warrior Pasty – Recipe

Makes 4

(Stilton & Potato)

1 sheet of ready rolled puff pastry

Flour for dusting the surface

4 small waxy potatoes

4 generous slices of stilton cheese

Salt and pepper

Worcester Warrior chutney

Egg wash.

Preheat oven 180’c

Wash and slice the potatoes into slices about 3mm thick. Put into cold water and bring to the boil. Cook for about 5 minutes until still holding their shape, but cooked through.  Drain and leave to cool.

(It is perfectly ok to use leftover potatoes from your meal last night instead!)

Dust a surface with flour and place the ready-rolled pastry onto it.

Divide the pastry into four equal pieces.

Now on one half of each pastry shape, put a layer of potato.  Leave spaces around the edge to seal your pasty.

Now add a slice of stilton cheese, the top with another layer of potato.

Season with sea salt flakes and freshly milled black pepper.

Top with a heaped teaspoon of Worcester Warrior Chutney.

Damp the edges with either water or the egg wash. Carefully fold over the pastry to encase the filling and seal.  Crimp around the edges.  I used a fork to make sure it was sealed.  (press down on the pastry edges with the prongs).

Place on a lined baking tray. Brush with egg wash and using the same fork, make a steam vent in the top by making a “W”.

Cook for about 25 minutes or until golden brown

This pasty can be eaten cold or hot.  It is real comfort food!

To buy your pot of Worcester Warrior Chutney

Myrtles Kitchen Chilli Jam, Worcester Warrior and The Big Picnic