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Salted Caramel and Thyme Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream

Obviously it isn’t summer without the occasional ice cream. Actually, now I think about it, it hasn’t been summer yet, but the weather forecast is good and I am getting one step ahead! One of our best selling lemon myrtle seasonings, is where we have hand blended the myrtle with Droitwich Brine Salt and dried […]


Summer Lentil Salad with Burrata

A delicious salad to serve at summer parties Burrata is one of my favourite cheeses to serve up, especially during the summer! I’ve been waiting patiently for our British Summer to arrive, and I’ve given up. I’ve found consolation in one of my favourite salads! If (shock horror) you are not a fan of Burrata, […]


Creating Great Meals with Leftovers!

Struggling with mountains of left over turkey? Do I hear you shout “Not the Coronation Chicken recipe again Jane!”? Well Baa Humbug, just because it is my absolute favourite for Christmas leftovers! But I will not bore you again. You can easily scan back and find the recipe in my blog or on social media. […]


Edible Gifts for Christmas

I am sure that preparations are in full swing for you. Getting ready for Christmas Day! Of course, I am still embroiled in markets and fairs, but stock is now running out and our final market will be Malvern Farmers Market (16.12.23) . Then, I can go in search of the Christmas decs’! By the […]


Getting Christmas Ready!

It has been such a busy year – so much happening, Christmas has caught me a little off guard! Because of this, we are not doing as many events for the remainder of this year. Hoping that you find the following useful. Obviously if you are planning on catching us out on the road. Online […]


Autumn Puddings & Chuckleberry Jam

Myrtle’s Jam Roly-Poly Pudding A delicious dessert, which i consider a bit of a comfort food for colder days!   In the UK we have a long history of puddings:   Clootie Dumpling, Spotted Dick, Trifle …. Roly Poly is one of my favourites. So much so that I included it in the first Foodies across […]


We’ve won again – Great Taste Awards – 2023

This is a peculiar time of year for food producers as it is the start of the Award Season. The only awards that Myrtle’s enters is the Great Taste Awards, which award stars – if you are lucky! The process starts months beforehand, the procedure is rigorous and if the feedback is negative, it can […]

Worcester Warrior Pastry

Myrtle Kitchen Worcester Warrior Pasty – Recipe

Makes 4 (Stilton & Potato) 1 sheet of ready rolled puff pastry Flour for dusting the surface 4 small waxy potatoes 4 generous slices of stilton cheese Salt and pepper Worcester Warrior chutney Egg wash. Preheat oven 180’c Wash and slice the potatoes into slices about 3mm thick. Put into cold water and bring to the […]