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Exciting Recipes & News from the Kitchen

A belated happy new year.  I hope that you enjoyed all your celebrations and that any resolutions are still holding their own!

Apologies I have disappeared for a little while.  I had an operation at the end of the year, so I have been out of commission, but getting back to fitness slowly and excited to be back in the kitchen soon making our award-winning chutney, jam and marmalade.  The shelves are currently empty!

Review of 2021

What an interesting year that was.  Like everyone, Myrtles had to rise to several challenges.   Most of our events were cancelled, and the only regular market, Malvern Farmers Market.  We were thrilled to be at Carfest South at the end of August.  Emily joined me and we were chuffed when we sold out of EVERYTHING by 10am on the Sunday morning.  Packed up and we got to and enjoy the festival. 

There was a different vibe, and it was great to see Chris Evans and so many personalities, back out there circulating and mixing.  A joyful but a very grounded festival and we shall be there again in 2022.

A highlight was Rachel Horn’s interview with Billy Piper and Giovanni Fletcher.  Three inspirational women and we were there to see them being so candid and honest.  Loved it.  Then the experience was added to when Chris Evans came and sat on the floor by us.  I was invited backstage to pass on a gift that I had for Chris’s wife, Natasha and he was so gracious.  Thank you Carfest.

The gift?  A collection of the newly launched Lemon Myrtle Seasonings.  These are available now in some shops, from our website and from us at events.  I am just a little bit in love with our seasonings.  They get used daily in my kitchen. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A blend of super herb, lemon Myrtle, Droitwich Brine Salt, and another herb. A choice of Oregano, mint, thyme, rosemary, dill, or tarragon.  The choice is yours.  If you rummage through old blog posts, you’ll find some recipe suggestions, using various seasonings. 

My great friend Lisa, who lives in Seattle, USA and I enjoyed promoting our friendship and passion for food in “Foodies Across the Pond” videos on You Tube and even more exciting, the fulfilment of a lifetime ambition, we wrote and published a cookery book.  “12 Menus of Christmas”.  A collection of delicious recipes, favourites from our own kitchens.  We included lots of memories which made it such a personal book. We were thrilled to receive 5-star reviews for it and have only had positive feedback.  If you bought one, we would love to hear what you think of it.  Congratulations, to Angela who won our giveaway at the end of December.

The most excellent news is that we’ve started to write our second book, to be launched in the summer.  Delicious recipes from America the UK, for a differing skill levels and taste buds. More news to come on social media and the Myrtle’s Kitchen blog. Watch this space.

A Myrtles Blog would not be complete without a recipe.  Here is a healthy drink option for you to try during Dry January.

Rose Lassi

(Grown up milk shake)

450g natural yogurt / Greek yogurt

2-3 teaspoons rose water

Good Quality Honey to taste

Crushed ice

Fill your glasses with the crushed ice.  Blend all the other ingredients and pour over the ice.

p.s. if you like a bit of colour, add some frozen red fruit to the mix.

Blog Notes:

 If you love a good pocast, I recommend Giovanni Fletchers “Happy Mum”

Also Chris Evans and “How to Wow” – loads of fascinating stuff.



If you would like to be a part of 2022 Carfest events, check out the website as a further tranche of tickets will become available in the spring.


Happy 2022 and look forward to catching up with you soon.

Jane x