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Foodies across the Pond

Sharing a love for food, Jane Raven (Myrtle’s Kitchen) and Lisa Siegal (A Menu for You) are “Foodies Across the Pond”.

Two great friends who wish to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for food, combining traditions, ingredients and knowledge from two sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Lisa lives in Washington State and Jane, the UK.



Foodies across the Pond – Substack

Connecting you with incredible food, recipes, and stories about food, food producers, food content creators, and all things food related from both sides of the pond….from the UK to the USA!

If you’re looking for connection, fun conversations, silly banter, food news on both sides of the pond, the best food products to buy, how to get insane flavor out of your food, food stories from around the world, then pull up a chair!

Jane and I want to create a space that’s full of joy, community and connection. And at the core of that, of course, is FOOD!

You don’t need to love to cook, but you’ll probably enjoy us a bit more if you love to eat!

The Foodies Table Cookbook

Another exciting and personal cookbook from the Foodie Friends.


Our newest cookbook is filled with delicious favorite recipes we love serving to our family and friends. Whether you’re gathering around your table for a weeknight dinner, inviting friends over to celebrate a special occasion, or having a party “just because”, you’ll find the perfect recipe inside it. From a ridiculously tasty burger with an Asian flair, to Za’atar Tomatoes with Couscous, Beer Battered Prawns, Yogurt Spiced Lamb and Raspberry Ricotta Cake you’ll find a scrumptious recipe for gatherings of all sizes around your table.

Foodie Friends Podcast

Jane Raven and Lisa Seigle from Foodies Across the Pond, join forces to share the stories of food purveyors, food bloggers, food producers and other friends within the food world. They also share their own stories and passion for cooking with a dash of fun and sprinkle of laughter.