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Herefordshire grown Gooseberry Chutney a fantastic addition to any cheese board or sandwich.  Of course, adding a jar to a picnic basket not only adds taste but a very attractive jar!

The Big Picnic Chutney is another winner! It is made with Herefordshire grown Gooseberry Chutney. It is cooked slowly in small batches, to bring out the natural sweetness of the gooseberry.

Perfect for picnics.

Crusty bread, cheese, Gooseberry chutney & sunshine makes for a fantastic and delicious picnic. We haven’t found a cheese or cold meat that this chutney doesn’t work with. We have retained the sharpness of the gooseberries, but, in addition, there is a natural sweetness from the long and slow cooking process which makes this chutney extra special. It really is the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich or cheeseboard. There are also delicate flavours from a small amount of ginger and cayenne which gives an extra depth to the flavours.


Ingredients: Gooseberries (55%) Dates, MALT VINEGAR (BARLEY), Sugar, Onions, Sultanas, Ginger, Salt, Cayenne.

Myrtle’s Kitchen is a small local business which is big on flavour and creating new and exciting preserves. They are all made traditionally by hand but with a contemporary twist. We use our local knowledge to pick up the freshest, finest ingredients.

Myrtle’s Kitchen started in 2014 when chef, Jane, started making her original mango chutney for friends and family. We are proud to supplied many farm shops and delicatessens across the UK as well as Liberty’s and Selfridges & Co in London.  Now we return to our roots and you will find us at Farmers Markets and of course, here online!

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