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Great Taste winning Droitwich Brine Salt, Lemon Myrtle & Rosemary


Distinctive and aromatic this fresh combination of Rosemary, Lemon Myrtle and Droitwich Brine salt is a delight on the senses.  It always makes an appearance in our lamb dishes and is just delicious mixed with some Herefordshire rapeseed oil, drizzled onto a tray of vegetables, ready for roasting.  Check out our Rosemary and Orange Marmalade Sausages recipe in our blog.

A versatile seasoning which belongs by a BBQ.

“Unique and delicious” are two words that have been used to describe food created by Myrtle’s Kitchen.  Now we have added “Fragrant”.  Forgive our enthusiasm, but we love LOVE  LOVE our new range of seasonings.

All of the seasonings include delicate  super herb, Lemon Myrtle and we have crafted 6 blends to compliment most dishes.  a summer table essential, perfect for BBQ & picnics.  These finally balanced seasonings are fragrant and delicious.

They add a unique special something to your dishes.

A customer first sent us in the direction of Lemon Myrtle and ever since we have been trying to incorporate it into one of our preserves.  The flavour and aroma got lost, so we soon realised that this deserved a special place of its own underneath the Myrtle banner.

Myrtle’s Kitchen believe that we have come up with an authentic blend for each seasoning, pure & subtle mixes that enhance flavour of your food.

LEMON MYRTLE features in all of the 6 seasonings.

Prepare yourself to fall in love with Lemon Myrtle.  Prized by Australian Aboriginals for not just its cooking uses, but its healing properties, it has a reputation as a “Superfood”.  A native bush food,  it is now regarded as Queen of the lemon scented plants in Australia.

Often used as a leaf for tea, or with its oil extracted, we have used the leaf ground and added to award winning DROITWICH BRINE SALT.

Droitwich is a local Spa town and offers one of the oldest and purest springs.   The salt that it gives us is natural, pure in flavour.  No harshness, this salt offered the perfect carrier for our flavours.

To this blend we have added a herb, balancing the flavours to create a unique seasoning for your food.

Rosemary has a distinctive flavour it is aromatic with a slightly peppery/woody taste that does not disappear in cooking.  Marries beautifully with Lemon Myrtle.

Suggestions for use:  Add to lamb dishes, a great addition to roasted nuts and seeds,  roasted, sauté vegetables.

Weight 50g