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Foodies Across the Pond – Twelve Days of Christmas


Written by Jane of Myrtle’s Kitchen and Lisa of a Menu for you (collectively know as “Foodies Across the Pond”), this fresh and new cookery book will hopefully provide you with inspirational recipes for the season.  Or makes a fantastic Christmas Gift!

Foodies Across the pond is a special partnership between Jane  (UK) and Lisa (USA).  We love to share all things food and reguarly post videos on our You Tube Channel.

Now it is time to say “Welcome to the “Foodies Across the Pond” Christmas Party. This is our first cookery book and we are bouncing around with excitement about it. We have had so much fun creating 12 menus for you to explore and experiment with this Christmas. From movie night, to impressing the in laws, we have tried to create recipes & meus that are unusual, delicious and fun. Recipes that will be a success whichever side of the Pond you happen to be.Whoever you choose to share your meals with, we hope that you have a joyful time, that you share the company of special friends, family or if by yourself, indulge and cook yourself a special meal.

The book will be dispatched 27th November, 2021.