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Myrtle’s Ham, Brie and Chuckleberry Pasty

(3 customer reviews)


This is super sous chef Emily’s favourite (and yes, it’s Emily writing this!)

The ham is cooked low and slow and is just so tender and juicy. The brie is ripe and full of flavour. Chuckleberry jam has a slightly tart and clean flavour (think cranberry but better and more local – these chuckleberries are grown in the Welsh Marches). All together a delicious pastry, eaten either hot or cold.

All our pastries freeze really well so they’re the perfect meal to have in the freezer for a rainy day!

INGREDIENTS: Puff Pastry (wheat & egg), ham, Cheese (brie, dairy), Chuckleberry Jam (chuckleberries & sugar).

ALLERGENS ARE IN BOLD. If you have any questions with regards to ingredients, please do not hesitate to email us [email protected]

For our next delivery run, check out the “Diary Dates” section. Delivery areas are:



To all of you pastry fans further afield, we apologise. We are not able to dispatch our pastries by courier but we hope to be able to serve you pastries in the future!

Myrtle’s Kitchen new range of pastries have proved so popular. We are thrilled with the response and thank you for the amazing reviews and photographs you’ve posted on social media. We continue with a monthly local home delivery service so that you can restock your fridges and freezers.

Thanks so much for your support during these extraordinary times. It really has been so appreciated.


3 reviews for Myrtle’s Ham, Brie and Chuckleberry Pasty

  1. Caroline Murphy

    My favourite one! The combination of the creamy cheese, slightly salty ham (exceptionally high quality) and the sharp but sweet Chuckleberry is a taste sensation!

  2. Grace

    My favourite- beautiful, buttery pastry & usually eat mine warm so the Brie melts together with the ham with the piquancy of chuckleberry

  3. Michele

    The yummiest ham, with creamy indulgent brie accompanied by gorgeous chukleberry jam.

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