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The Foodies Table – a new cookbook by Foodies Across the Pond


The Foodies Table – Pre Order

The new cookbook from Foodies Across the Pond, Lisa Seigle and Jane Raven.  Recipes to take you from Breakfast to a pre bed night cap.  Easy to follow recipes, recipes for “fine dining”, others that suit a vegetarian diet and some catering for gluten and dairy free diets.  All with our own personal story and “foodies touch”.  Another triumph!

The Foodies Table

I am so excited to announce the launch of our most recent cookbook by Jane Raven and Lisa Seigle.  Due to be dispatched from the publishers 6th September, 2023!

Another exciting and personal cookbook from the Foodie Friends.

The Foodies Table cookbook is filled with delicious favorite recipes we love serving to our family and friends. Whether you’re gathering around your table for a weeknight dinner, inviting friends over to celebrate a special occasion, or having a party “just because”, you’ll find the perfect recipe inside it.

From a ridiculously tasty burger with an Asian flair, to Za’atar Tomatoes with Couscous, Beer Battered Prawns, Yogurt Spiced Lamb and Raspberry Ricotta Cake you’ll find a scrumptious recipe for gatherings of all sizes around your table.


The Foodies Table cookbook is available to pre-order.  We hope to have the books from the printers, at the beginning of August.


A way to connect with family and friends. There’s nothing like sharing a meal with loves ones, the conversations that go on well into the night, the sounds of clinking glasses and the laughter.


Also, to celebrate, I am offering everyone who pre-orders a copy from the Myrtles Kitchen website, before the launch date, a chance to win an amazing goodie bag with a selection of not only Myrtle products,  but products that we use in our recipes and they are all highly recommend!



About the Authors:  JANE RAVEN is the owner of Myrtle’s Kitchen, cookbook author and podcast host. She lives in Hereford with her son, George, and English springer spaniel, Millie.


LISA SEIGLE is the owner of A Menu for You, cookbook author, podcast host and empty nester. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and rescue pup, Chloe. Her kids do visit…mostly for homecooked meals and to give belly rubs to Chloe.

How it all began….

Yep, we met just as the whole world was shutting down. Zoom was in fashion and so were online classes. Lots of self employed people were having to rethink their businesses. We both signed up for an online mastermind to do just this.
The rest, as they say, is history.

We both met every single week during Covid, created “Foodies Across the Pond”, started a podcast, a YouTube channel and recently started a weekly Substack newsletter. And now we get to share our 2nd cookbook with you!
And we’re just getting started!

We were the only “foodies” in the mastermind. We bonded over our mutual love for Ottolenghi, shared our favorite cookbooks, and marveled at how much we had in common. We also talked about one of our biggest dreams, to write a

In case you’re wondering what happened to the amazing group of women in the mastermind, who met under such extreme circumstances, we still meet to this day, and share a close bond of friendship.

It’s so cool to look back on our journey together during the last 3 years. We are so proud that we created a brand new business, AND wrote and self published our first cookbook, without ever meeting in person!! Slightly crazy…..but also so us. Just a little bit bonkers!

We’re thrilled you’ve bought a copy and are beyond grateful for your support! We hope this cookbook brings you loads of joy with each recipe you cook, each dish you make, and with every memory you create while sharing food with the ones you love around your table.